Woodgrain- a hand joinery unit” is a proprietor firm based in Bhuj-Kutch. It designs and creates wood-roof understructures. Mr Sarwan bishnoi- the proprietor of the firm first understood the technique and merged it with the contemporary way of roof techniques and developed their unique style of roof understructure. Over the years, woodgrain has completed several projects all over India and Hunnarshala has played a vital role in mentoring the artisans and educating them in the technical as well as designing front.

Current Projects

Mr Kiran Vaghela was involved in evolving the alternative constructional practices since post- earthquake and wanted to bring these techniques in day to day life. Mr Kiran vaghela and Mr Prajesh Jethva are a part of Hunnarshala since a long time. They installed wood roof understructures in their homes and the 90% of wood used is recycled wood wh...

Case Studies
  • Setu office
  • Hunnarshala
  • Organic farm
  • Sham e sharhad